Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tel Aviv

By Susan Esther Barnes

Written on July 1, the first day of the last leg of our trip to Israel:

Tel Aviv, I hated you from the moment I arrived. Tel Aviv, with your old new airport full of jet planes crouched on the tarmac, waiting to take me away. I rejected you almost sight unseen, for what you have not yet done to me, forgetting altogether it was here I first set foot in Israel so long ago but so recently.

I blame you Tel Aviv, for pushing back, for sneaking into my senses, using your warm sandy beach and your Israeli folk dancing and your cool evening breeze. I wanted to savor my hate for you, Tel Aviv, but you would not allow it. In seemingly no time at all I came to love you, with your bustling shops and confusing, busy streets.

You tricked me, Tel Aviv, as your founders tricked the Turks into accepting your name, not understanding what it represents. I may never forgive you for denying me the feelings I thought were rightly mine. When I return, Tel Aviv, I will be wary of your tricks.

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  1. *sigh* 'tis true! what's not to love about tel aviv?! one of my favorite israel photos was taken at a tel aviv beach (that my friends and i slept on overnight! we were so, so very young!) so glad you're loving your trip and am looking forward to reading more!