Thursday, October 14, 2010


By Susan Esther Barnes

One of my nieces, the one who started college this year, posted a "challenge" on Facebook. It had a list of things she would tell whoever pushed the "Like" button on her post. One of the items listed was "The animal you remind me of." I pressed "Like," and in the list of things she told me, she said I remind her of "A cat, like those two black cats you had."

Immediately I knew she was talking about her visit to my house when I lived in Henderson, Nevada in 2001. On my refrigerator, I still have a picture she drew of me on that visit. I thought, "That wasn't that long ago. I still have those cats. Why would she speak of them in the past tense?"

Then it dawned on me. That was 9 years ago. For her, that is literally half a lifetime.

That provides a little perspective, doesn't it?

1 comment:

  1. indeed. it does. scarily, i remember feeling that way! you should post the pics of the cat and the one your niece drew. you know, for the oddly curious! :)