Sunday, April 17, 2011

Haveil Havalim #313 - the Pre-Passover Edition

Baruch dayan ha'emet. My father died on Saturday morning after a long illness. This week's blog carnival was almost entirely already put together by then, and is automatically scheduled to post on Sunday morning. I hope that works. Please forgive any errors or typos. I will not be proofreading this as I normally would.

Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish and Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack.

Opinions expressed in the posts linked below are those of the respective bloggers and not necessarily endorsed by me.

Batya turns a discovery during pre-Passover cleaning into a win-win situation in That Was Fast, Flour Gone posted at me-ander.

Rickismom cleaned twice in Starting Off One’s Day…. posted at Beneath the Wings.

Still wondering what to cook during the week of Passover? Mirj has some useful recipes in Don?t Pass Over These Recipes posted at Miriyummy.

With all the cleaning and cooking, don't forget about counting the Omer. Batya tells us about her experiences with trying to remember to count every night in Sefira Memories... Free Email and/or Cellphone Sefira Reminders? Nu? posted at me-ander.

Paul Kipnes shares some thoughts about the lamb bone on our seder plate in Got a Bone to Pick on Passover: Try this New Shankbone (Zeroah) Ritual posted at Or Am I?.

Batya shows us some Passover activities in Israel in Celebrating Passover at Tel Shiloh, Festival for the Entire Family posted at Shiloh Musings.

Please, don't go into debt buying stuff for Passover. But if you do, Harry presents Taking a loan for the holiday posted at ISRAELITY.

Homeshuling tells us about a Passover-related book in Yuvi’s Candy Tree – an interview with author Lesley Simpson posted at Homeshuling.

Daniela presents Osem's Mini Yellow Crouton Soup-Rings Kosher for Pesach posted at Isreview.

Eating rolls during Passover seems like cheating to me, but Daniela has a couple kosher-for-Passover roll finds in Green Lite's & Pillsbury's Rolls Kosher for Pesach posted at Isreview.

I don't think morality and halacha should be mutually exlusive, as I explain in Morality and Halacha posted at To Kiss a Mezuzah.

I answer questions from readers about Judaism and related subjects in Your Questions Answered #2 posted at To Kiss a Mezuzah.

Mordechai Torczyner presents an interesting perspective on the job of a rabbi in The Weakness of the Rabbi’s Business Model posted at The Rebbetzin's Husband.

Independent Patriot/Elise presents Glad I Do Not Consider Myself A Reform Jew Any Longer- Part 2 posted at Liberty's Spirit.

Elise /Independent Patriot writes about anti-semitism at her son's school in Dealing with the Oldest of Hatreds-AntiSemitism posted at Raising Asperger's Kids. It's not any easy thing for any of us to handle, but how much harder would it be if you were still a teen, had self-control issues to begin with, plus the authorities didn't seem to believe you? It's a miracle nobody was physically harmed, in my opinion.

Antisemitism can be particularly disheartening when it comes from other Jews. Allison Josephs presents a case of Jews reacting badly when a woman starts to become more observant in Why Is Everyone Turning Against Me Now That I'm Becoming More (Jewishly) Observant? | Jew In The City posted at Jew in the City.

Looking for a list of stuff Jews have been wrongly blamed for? Yip Bop provides it in JEWS – THE POPULAR SCAPEGOATS - News Beyond News! posted at News Beyond News!.

Laura Rosbrow writes about the bombing in Jerusalem in Being in Israel During the Jerusalem Bus Bombing and about the changing status of women in Israel in Israel Women Smashing the Glass Ceiling posted at The Internal Conflict.

Joel Katz once again provides us with a wide variety of news and information in Religion and State in Israel - April 11, 2011 (Section 1) and Religion and State in Israel - April 11, 2011 (Section 2) posted at Religion and State in Israel.

Harry gives us a peek at part of Israel's new defense system in Meet Israel’s new super hero – the Iron Dome posted at ISRAELITY.

Apparently, time is different in Israel, as Rivkah Lambert Adler explains in Israel Standard Time posted at Bat Aliyah.

Batya wrties about the forthcoming but not overly popular light rail system in More Sightings! Jerusalem's Lightrail is Chugging Along posted at me-ander.

Technically, this happened in Gaza, not Israel, but it's about rockets being fired into Israel, so close enough: Dave Bender writes a blurb about terrorists firing from a graveyard in Hamas Now Using Dead 'Human Shields' posted at Israel At Level Ground.

Dave Bender presents a lovely photo in ''A View With A Room' Along The Ancient 'Spice Trail' (photo) posted at Israel At Level Ground.

View Israeli postage stamps as Jacob Richman presents New Israeli Educational Stamps posted at Good News from Israel.

I thought this might go under anti-semitism or Israel, but the author categorized it under Politics, so that's where I'm placing it. SnoopyTheGoon presents Pastor Sizer: crossing the red line of anti-Israeli discourse posted at Simply Jews.

Batya presents PEACE With The Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic Arabs, Let's Check Out Mutual Goals and Values posted at Shiloh Musings.

I write about weaving individuals into a community in How Threads Beome Cloth posted at To Kiss a Mezuzah.

Batya writes about an all-star football game in Israel in The IFL All-Star Game, Working Together posted at Shiloh Musings.

Paul Kipnes presents My Hero: A Heartwarming Aspergers Tale posted at Or Am I?.

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  1. Thank you for including both of my posts. I appreciate having the opportunity to answer my critics and I think that my son showed some truly great self-restraint in the face of the oldest hatred.

  2. I apologize for not giving my condolences on the passing of your father. May God grant you peace.

  3. I send my heartfelt condolences. Hamakom yinachem etchem b’toch shaar avlei Tzion v’Yerushalayim.
    Thank you for taking the time to make sure the HH carnival posts regardless.
    Thank you for including my posts.

  4. Shiloh HaMakom Yenachem, A Sad Havel Havelim, my most sincere condolences.
    And yes, you did an excellent job on the Havel Havelim. Thanks for including me.

  5. Baruch dayan emet, I'm so sorry about your father. May you find comfort in your memories.

  6. Thank you all for your kindness and support.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear it. May HaShem provide you comfort.