Sunday, October 9, 2011

Assembling the Synagogue Sukkah

By Susan Esther Barnes

Above is a photo of the t-shirt I wore for to assemble the sukkah at our synagogue this morning. Actually, we assembled two of them. Below is a photo essay of the big one we assembled in the back courtyard. We also assembled a much smaller one in the front.

This is the third year I have helped to assemble the synagogue sukkot, and it's a lot of fun.

First, we arrived at 6 am to start assembly. The first task was to lay out all the pieces. It was still dark outside, so Marc brought his own lights to wear!

Next, we put together the frame:

Then, we raised the frame and secured the pieces together:

Marc was able to set aside his lights as the sun rose higher:

We attached the lattice:

More lattice. My apologies for getting the sun in the corner of the photo.

We're done, and the sukkah is ready for the palm fronds to be added on top and for the kids to add their decorations!

I hope to take a couple more pictures at our congregational dinner in the sukkah on Friday so you can see it with the palm fronds and decorations.

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